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Digital Photo Finalizer 2.51

Digital Photo Finalizer helps you get the most from your digital photos
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Digital Photo Finalizer can help you fix the lights and colors of your photos, especially when those are taken in dark conditions or in direct sunlight, which produces unwanted light and dark areas on your photos. The program has a user-friendly interface with a real-time preview of the original and modified images, which helps you check the changes applied and makes image editing easier and more effective.

One unique feature of the program is its skin tone fixer, which can improve your portraits with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can also enhance the brightness and contrast of your images using Digital Photo Finalizer. Other editing tools allow you to rotate, crop, and resize your photographs very easily. The program can also batch-process any number of images, allowing you also to rename and convert your images into TIFF, PNG, and BMP automatically.

Shortly, the program is a powerful image optimizer that can retouch your party photos in a snap and make them perfect for sharing without any image editing skills and effort on your side. You may take a look at the screenshots accompanying this review to see the real work of the program.

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  • Easy to use
  • Real-time preview of the original and modified images
  • Can fix multiple images at once using its batch processor


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